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    Conditional Logic within dynamically generated datatable

    taylorc Newbie


      In my app I am creating a page to manage user permissions.  I am using an extendedDataTable where the rows represent Users and the columns represent different apps.  Each cell has a toggle switch to enable or disable that app for that user.

      I am using <a4j:support> to perform the permission toggle action when the toggle button image is clicked.  I am able to do this because I can pass the user and app to the action using <f:param>.

      However, I am unable to determine which image (toggle-on or toggle-off) should be displayed because I am unable to pass the app and user to a bean method in the rendered attribute on the image.  Code Below:


      <rich:columns value="#{permissionManagementBean.apps}" var="app" index="ind">
                  <f:facet name="header">
                      <h:outputText id="appHeader#{ind}" value="#{app.displayName}"/>
                  <h:panelGroup id="permissionBox#{ind}">
                      <h:graphicImage id="onImage#{ind}" title="Click to disable" style="cursor:pointer;" url="/images/on.png" styleClass="cursorClass" rendered="#{permissionManagementBean.hasPermission">
                          <a4j:support id="onImageSupport#{ind}" event="onclick" action="#{permissionManagementBean.togglePermission}" reRender="permissionBox#{ind},allPermissionsBox" ajaxSingle="true">
                              <f:param id="onAppParam#{ind}" name="appId" value="#{app.appKey}"/>
                              <f:param id="onUserParam#{ind}" name="userId" value="#{user.unifiedAccountId}"/>
                      <h:graphicImage id="offImage#{ind}" title="Click to enable" style="cursor:pointer;" url="/images/off.png" styleClass="cursorClass" rendered="#{!permissionManagementBean.hasPermission}">
                          <f:param id="param1#{ind}" name="appId" value="#{app.appKey}"/>
                          <f:param id="param2#{ind}" name="userId" value="#{user.unifiedAccountId}"/>
                          <a4j:support id="offImageSupport#{ind}" event="onclick" action="#{permissionManagementBean.togglePermission}" reRender="permissionBox#{ind},allPermissionsBox" ajaxSingle="true">
                              <f:param id="offAppParam#{ind}" name="appId" value="#{app.appKey}"/>
                              <f:param id="offUserParam#{ind}" name="userId" value="#{user.unifiedAccountId}"/>

      The issue is that permissionManagementBean.hasPermission (which is being called on the rendered attribute on the <h:graphicImage>s) has no idea which app or user it should be checking because I am unable to pass parameters to that call.


      I could define the table columns statically and have app-specific  permissions checks on the user objects, but I'd like for it to all be  generated dynamically so that adding a new app won't require changing  the code.


      Anyone have an idea of a way to make this work dynamically?