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    PicketLink 2 :: STS API Discussion


      I want to dedicate this thread to discuss the possibilities for a generic API for the STS to cater to the various FIM standards/tech available such as SAML2, WS-T, OpenID and OAuth.


      It is my belief that all token formats can be captured into a select set of representation and can be handled by a generic STS.


      The API needs to:

      1. Issue a token
      2. Validate a token
      3. Renew a token
      4. Cancel a token.




      Let us look at the various technologies/standards that we want to support:


      Token Format


      My initial take is to go with the token format in the API to be byte[].

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          Currently the STS TokenProviders are wired to the WSTrustContext.  I think it makes sense to change the interface to use STSContext  and have:

          • WSTrustContext implements STSContext.
          • OpenIDContext implements STSContext   etc.
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            I am currently working on WS-Trust Negotiation/Challenge for Picketlink, as mentioned here http://community.jboss.org/thread/155702

            It is in a very early stage merely proof of concept.


            I think it is good idea to have a interface STSContext and maybe a WSTrustNegotiationContext since there is a lot of extra communication between client and server. I think it makes sense to maybe distinguish WSTrust with and without Negotiation/Challenge.

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              Markus, are you planning to contribute your work to PL?  The reason is that we do plan to work on this in the near future.

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                I would like to contribute to PL especially the WSTrust-Negotioation/Challenge Handling.


                Currently my code is in a proof-of-concept state for Idemixtoken issuing, where I needed WSTrust-Negotiation/Challenge handling.

                I added a lot of code directly into some classes for this, without changing the overall structure of PL.


                I would like to add redesigned parts of it, so it fits nicer into PL.