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    Getting started

    Andrew Dashin Newbie

      Hi, folks.


      I'd like to join to the development process. And I've already read a 'becoming a commiter wiki'.

      I can write code, tests... code, tests and so on.

      So these are my few lines.

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          That's great news... Why don't you send me a pvt email, and we go from there?


          Did you already sign the commtter agreement?


          We can talk over IRC or email about something you would feel comfortable on doing. We can look at the JIRA together and get something that would fit the initial complexity you need to get started, and we can increase complexity as you progress...







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            Clebert Suconic Master

            I googled your name  (sorry, I couldn't resist :-)  ) .. and it seems you have a lot of experience with Jabber and other protocols?


            maybe Not for the first task as you probably need something to get used to the code with some guidance.. but protocol integration (XMPP, Stomp 1.1) are areas where we're looking to improve.


            IRC is a great place where developers talk...   #hornetq at freenode