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    different action in jboss version 4.02 and 5.01

    rokmn3309 Newbie



      i have a problem..

      my system get request from local-user, then my system send request to another-web server.

      and get some info from another-web server, after response to local-user..


      now charset is this.

          another-web server=EUC-JP



         local-user                     myserver                         another-web server

         request    ----------(1)-------> doGet  ------------(2)-----------> request
         response <----------(4)-------- doGet <-----------(3)------------  response
      4.02 version is not problem but 5.01 version do not see message in myserver(local-user veiw page)
      i checked (1) in myserver and i checked (3) message from another-web server in myserver..
      and i debugging and check response.getWriter().write(body)
      of couse body is get message from another-web server, but in myserver(local-user veiw page) is blank..
      i think that response.getWriter().write(body) of 5.01 version is do not work..reason do not match charset..
      if you know that 5.01 version is running to same 4.02 version?