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    oncomplete not firing from commandButton

    Ollie Edwards Newbie

      The following a4j:form works as I intended except the oncomplete javascript function never fires.The server returns a 200 along with some xml which looks as I would expect, the single field in the form is updated correctly. I don't get a javascript error or anything it just seems not to fire. What am I doing wrong?

      <a4j:form id="attachmentsForm" >
       <t:inputHidden id="attachment" value="#{writableMail.newAttachment}">
       <f:converter converterId="com.dbplc.webmail.WebspaceFile" />
       <a4j:commandButton id = "addAttachment" action="# {writableMail.addInlineAttachment}"
       oncomplete="openCallBack()" reRender = "attachmentsForm,attachmentsPanel" />

      Thanks in advance for any help.