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    Process attribute example

    Robert Gary Newbie

      Can someone point me to an example of using the process attribute in an a4j:commandButton? I've played with it but either I'm not fully undertstanding what its suppose to do or its not doing anything. I was looking for a way to specify a component outside of my current a4j:region to process on the backing bean without reRendering in the view.



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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          no region limit's processing outside by design. process used when you need to submit not the subtree but subset of inputs. Sometimes you can't limit just subtree because some components should be excluded from processing in that subtree. Real case: when two inputs generates the suggestion for the third which has validation plugged.




          submitting subtree - will cause input 3 to be validated also.

          So you could use at input1 ajaxSingle="true" and process="input2" and only two fields will be processed and the validation at third will not be fired..

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            Robert Gary Newbie

            Ok, that makes sense. Thanks!