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    How to reset cursor position in rich:scrollableDataTable

    M M Islam Chisty Newbie
      • We are using rich:scrollableDataTable as part of our search functionality.

        Here is the scenario: given some search criteria, the search result (ArrayList) is shown in scrollableDataTable.
        However, it appears that the search results page is being cached.

        For example:

        - A search was performed. Result returned 200 records.
        - Scrolled down to the second/third page of the search results.
        - Then a new search was done with another search criteria which returned 300 records.
        - The new search result was shown from the last state of the cursor/index position.

        However the business requirement is that for every new search, the result should be defaulted from the 0th index position;
        and not from the last state. Is there any way to manipulate this with rich:scrollableDataTable ?

        How can I reset the cursor position? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

        M. Chisty