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    Specifying timeout for long running MDB processing threads

    Panduranga Manuru Newbie


      We are exploring to see if there is any configuration that can be done in JBoss so that MDBs we have in our application can give up processing of a message after certain specified thresh-hold.

      Our application has pattern that clients that send JMS requests to services layer and wait for certain period for JMS response to come back. Most of our requests to the services layer finish within thresh-hold and very few don't. We have some very bad requests that run for very long time. There is no point in in MDBs continuing to process such requests as responses for them  will not be picked up by the client and are thrown away.


      We want to have mechanism somehow to specify this timeout for the request processing threads that they are running beyond the specified time period and they can give up processing wherever they are and return the thread (and the bean) back to pool for processing next message in the queue.


      Any inputs appreciated.


      We are currently running on JBoss 4.3, Jboss Messaging 1.4.0 SP3