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    Session Pools in HornetQ

    Peter Joh Newbie

      I'm using HornetQ standalone (without MDB's or Jboss), and we found that we need a session pool for our app. I've looked through the HornetQ documentation and did some searches online, but it seems like as far as I can tell, HornetQ doesn't support session pools outside of Jboss. I also read that session pooling is becoming less used because of MDB's



      Does anyone have any suggestions on how best to do session pooling with HornetQ standalone? Thanks!

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          Usually you just reuse the same session on standalone applications.


          You usually need pooling if you're using EJBs or Spring. You shouldn't need that if using a standalone application (that goes to any other JMS server you use).



          You could easily create a pool of objects yourself anyway, if you can't figure out a way to reuse them at your application.

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            Peter Joh Newbie

            Thanks for the response. yeah, actually, we have two issues that are kind of intertwinned. We want to be able to process multiple messages in parallel....

            ...actually, just realized, this is a larger issue, I'm gonna start a separate thread for this question... (thanks for the help)