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    suggestionAction method used in suggestionbox is called twice per request

    ramy Hassan Novice



      I'm using <rich:suggestionbox />


      I wrote a method to handle suggestions list for suggestionAction attribute, and this method is called twice per one request!




      Is this issue related to JSF life cycle, and what's the solution ?


      - Below is the JSF tag and the method:



      <h:inputText id="idTxt" 
      value="#{managedBean.id}" />  
      <rich:suggestionbox id="suggestionBoxId" 
      for="idTxt" tokens=",[]" 
      var="result" fetchValue="#{result.id}" 
      minChars="2" nothingLabel="No data" 
      columnClasses="center" usingSuggestObjects="true"> 



      and This is the autoComplete method:



      public List<Bean> autocomplete(Object guiInput) 
       String input = (String) guiInput;
      ArrayList<Bean> result =
      new ArrayList<Bean>(); 
      for (Bean bean: bigBean.getBeanList()) {
      if ((bean.getId() != 0 && Integer.toString( bean.getId()).indexOf(input) == 0))
      return result; }