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    JBossWS-CFX in RiftSaw BPEL (basic authentication)

    Igor JStarter Novice



      I'm working on Riftsaw 2.1 installed on jbossesb 4.8, that runs on jboss as 5.1. I solved some issues on the Riftsaw forum, but for the last remaining thing I would really need help from the jbossws-cxf team.


      I posted my question on RiftSaw forum, but was redirected here, because I got the answer:

      RiftSaw only currently supports WS-Security, not HTTP basic  authentication directly - so if there is a way to use jbossws-cxf  configuration to invoke an external basic authentication service, then  you will need to check with the jbossws-cxf team.


      Till Friday I need to know if I'm able to call a external web service which uses the UsernameToken basic authentication...

      Up to know I just took a look at the SecureInvokeExample...

      I didn't see that anything for the authentication would be specified in WSDL or BPEL file...

      That means that jbossws-cxf-myPort.xml does it all ?

      If   I get this right I have to write the jbossws-cxf-myPort.xml where I   specify both beans (message elements from WSDL) and for each specify  the  <map> tag.

      Are all this <entry> necessary : passwordCallbackClass, signaturePropFile, singatureKeyIdentifier? Do I need to write these .jks files ?



      I hope somebody could explain ...