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    using rich:treeview within a rich:editor plug-in

    Eric Ford Newbie

      I'm writing a plug-in for the rich:editor component where the plug-in allows the user to insert a hyperlink that points to an internal location (actually to an article in our database). Since the articles are arranged in a hierarchical relationship, I would like to present the user with a dialog containing a treeview. The user then selects a node that is converted into a hyperlink and embedded into the text at the cursor location. I tried defining the plug-in dialog page using an xhtml page and the rich:treeview. Unfortunately, the treeview "trunk" gets built correctly but the treeview itself does not respond to subsequent events - clicking a node does not "select" the node and clicking a parent node does not cause the child nodes to be displayed. If anyone has successfully used the rich:treeview in a plug-in I would appreciate any pointers.