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    JMS cluster using HornetQ2.1.2Final with JbossAS5.1

    Manikanda kumar Newbie



      We have a 2 node cluster with Jboss AS5.1 integrated with HornetQ2.1.2 Final. Each node is deployed on a seperate Solaris server. We need a jms-cluster such that the message posted on a topic is distributed to all nodes in the cluster.


      But our observation is that the first node in the cluster is able to distribute message to the second node; but the second node isn't able to distribute to the first node. Also, when first node is restarted, then the messages are not distributed from either of the servers.

      No errors were seen in either console or server.log.


      Attached the hornetq-configuration.xml and hornetq-jms.xml for both servers.


      Please help us in getting a jms-cluster out of hornetq2.1.2 Final with jboss AS 5.1.