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    Becoming a Contributor Could Lead to "Good Things"


      So we are in need of people in the community helping out with the bridge project. If you already use the bridge, you know that there are *many* integration points and manual testing that must be done. Each user (you) have a special perspective of the project and why you need it and I encourage you to work on the part you know best. i.e. If you are working under IE8 running on "a portal vendor other than Red Hat" and want to export a PDF from seam.... etc.

      If you want to flex your skills by night and join one of the most advanced project in Java EE, then I encourage you to reply with your info to this thread, then create an account on Jira and in the forums. And finally, read this document about how the project is laid out.


      I need people who are willing to create jiras on their own and provide patches for the issues they create. Keep in mind that contributors are the first in line when hiring slots open up



      Wesley Hales