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    external web app using JBPM4.4 issue help

    Anand Prakash Newbie

      I'm using sample helloworld web-app provided by (http://jeff.familyyu.net/2009/07/getting-started-with-jbpm-40-part-iv.html)

      which is using JBPM4.4 to create task .But problem here is when I start the process ,it does creates task but when I open the task I get the error in rendering form.

      Error is-> The requested URL /gwt-console-server/rs/form/task/20009/render    was not found on this server


      I'm using jbpm-console  UI and that calls gwt-server-console which comes with examples project from jboss JBPM.

      So it seems like gwt-consle-server is called using resteasy web service which doesn't render the page.

      So my question is below-

      1. If I use jbpm4.4 from my web-app without using jbpm-console,will it work properly(task creaion and viewing/submitting task) or some issue is there in that call ?

      2. How to resolve aforesaid mentioned rendering problem in jbpm-console.