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    PicketBox Documentation Help needed!

    Jan Muhammad Newbie



      Appologies for asking this basic question on probably irrelevant forum.


      I am a newbie to Java and JBoss (PicketBox) as well; am trying to implement JBossXACML on a simple desktop application whereby two diffrent roles can Access some resources based on their privileges (attributes). By using Eclipse and through Maven I have already worked out the dependencies etc and can easily import JBoss (PicketBox) API the current version 2.5-Final.

      Now wondering where to find step-by-step guide/tutorial to follow overall working mechanism of PicketBox API. Example of my interest the interal working mechanism of classes used; the Request/Response handling etc. I only find this page (http://community.jboss.org/wiki/PicketBoxAuthentication); but it doesn't give any details I'm looking for.

      Moreover, is there any use-case scenario which could show the implementation of PicketBox? Am interested in research paper style detailed document.


      Thanks in advance for help.


      With Regards