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    Tabpanel - cannot get new tab from ontabchange event

    Hai-Yun Du Newbie

      When the tab changes, I would like to rerender a seam button based on the new tab selected. However, in the ontabchange event, the current tab is always the old tab not the new one. How can I access the new tab?


      <rich:tabPanel id="myTabPanel" valueChangeListener="#{myPage.changeTab}" selectedTab="#{myPage.tab}" switchType="ajax">
                  <a4j:support event="ontabchange" reRender="edit"/>
                  <rich:tab id="tabInfo" label="info">
                      Info section
                  <rich:tab id="tabPreferences" label="Preferences">
                      Preferences section


      <s:button id="edit" value="Edit" view="edit.xhtml" disabled="#{not myPage.isEditable()}"/>


      @Name ("myPage")
      @Scope (ScopeType.CONVERSATION)
      public class MyPage implements Serializable {


        private String tab;

        public String getTab() {
              return tab;

        public void setTab(String tab) {

              this.tab = tab;

        public void changeTab(ValueChangeEvent e) {
              setTab((String) e.getNewValue());


        public boolean isEditable() {
              // These tabs have view and edit page combined
              if (tab.equals("tabInfo")) {
                  return false;
              return true;