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    Startup of AS 5 and AS 4 fails with no application deployed.

    Michael Angelo Newbie

      The company that I work for is strongly considering moving to another app server. The choices are Tomcat and JBoss (these are at the top anyway). I haven't used JBoss for awhile so I thought I'd download JBoss Tools and AS 5. I set everything up, start the app server from the IDE and I get the same result everytime I come back to JBoss. There are tons of errors and the final result is the web server also failed to start so I can't do anything.


      I whipped up a one-page-do-nothing JSF project, deployed it, and the same result. This blows my mind! How can I be getting all of these errors out of the box? Attached is the log with most of the errors.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!