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    in jboss5.1.0GA, how assign thread in thread pool for different url request

    cqqjgn yan Newbie

      hi,i will do something that assign thread in the jboss thread pool for different url request. for example:


      jboss thread pool


      If  the max number of threads in the pool is 200.


      1. if url is http://www.abc.com/aa/*.jsp , for example: http://www.abc.com/aa/action.jsp or http://www.abc.com/aa/result.jsp ... assign 100 threads for these url request.

      2. if url is http://www.abc.com/bb/*.jsp , for example: http://www.abc.com/bb/action.jsp or http://www.abc.com/bb/result.jsp ... assign 50 threads for these url request.

      3.other 50 threads occupy other urls


      it means important request has occupied more threads.


      how do i assign thread for different url request?