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      Hi everyone!


      I'm a newbie to RiftSaw. And I have some questions, please help!

      I'm using Eclipse IDE to create a BPEL process webservice in this webservice I need to do the following:

      1. Get some parameters from the Postgre SQL database;

      2. According to them construct and write XML file to the filesystem


      How is it possible to do that using BPEL Designer in Eclipse? I guess I need to use XPath expressions as I formerly used in BizTalk server

      Could you please give me an example of sql querys using BPEL Designer and writing xml files to filesystem?

      Is there any documentation on that? If it is possible give me links? Can I use Apache ODE documentation?


      Many thanks!

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          Hi Alex


          BPEL is a web service orchestration language. It does not have constructs for querying databases or writing files to the file system. These functions would need to be performed in other web service implementation languages (such as Java) that could then be invoked from a BPEL process as a web service.


          For future reference, usage questions should be asked on the 'riftsaw user' forum - this forum is intended for developers contributing to the riftsaw project.


          Also, riftsaw is related to the integration of Apache ODE into the JBoss AS environment - so focuses on runtime. Questions related to the BPEL designer should be placed on the JBoss Tools user forum.