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    using facelets include with parameters and rerender problem with action

    Sebastian Hort Newbie



      i use facelet-templates with parameters for filling attributevalues like id, onclick and action of a:commandButtons.




      using the template

      <ui:include src="template.xhtml">

           <ui:param name="p_id" value="ID" />   

           <ui:param name="p_action" value="#{bean.method}" />



      inside the template.xhtml


      <a:commandButton id="#{p_id}" action="#{p_action}" rerender="#{p_id}"...


      For the first request all attributes and values are correct filled. The problem starts

      if the form and the commandButton has to be rerenderd via an ajax call - than the parameter

      #{p_action} is not resolved to #{bean.method}.


      Any hints? Thanks!