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    HttpService on JBossWeb




      following up our conversation, here the entry points I wanted to provide


      OSGi HttpService



      Implement the HttpService ontop of JBossWeb



      Mapping HttpService to JBossWeb



      Thoughts on WS integration





      Essentially, we are looking for a bunch of AS7 services that allow us to map the HttpService onto.

      With this approach we can achieve HttpService functionality in AS7.


      I suggest, a standalone bundle, that provides HttpService on top of JBossWeb is out of scope.

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          Hmm, briefly looking into this - i'm wondering if you see any conflicts sharing the same web container with other EE applications? I.e. are there any configuration parameters defined in the OSGI spec - like vhosts, ports or context-root?

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            The general recommended configuration mechanism is ConfigurationAdmin. The HttpService spec specifies two Framework properties for the Http ports, which are unrelated to ConfigurationAdmin. In AS7 that port configuration should come from the http-binding and be visible to management agents that work on top of ConfigAdmin and Framework properties.


            The following OSGi environment properties are used to specify default


            • org.osgi.service.http.port – This property specifies the port used for servlets and resources accessible via HTTP. The default value for this property is 80
            • org.osgi.service.http.port.secure – This property specifies the port used for servlets and resources accessible via HTTPS. The default value for this property is 443


            I'm currently working on a general AS7 Configuration Service that can be used to store arbitrary configuration data for services and deployments. The OSGi ConfigurationAdmin would access that common data store.


            For your work, it should be sufficient to build on what is there already (i.e. the http-binding) There is thing called osgi-http-binding, which can be removed once we have an HttpService implementation on top of a well defined JBossWeb API.

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              It looks like currently (which is 7.1.1 for me) there is a Jetty WebServer started when I enable the OSGI HTTP Service. Is there a way to map this to the JBossWeb container so I dont need to configure two different servers? Specifically I am interested in running the felix web console, which has that dependency to the OSGI http service.

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                This is supported in 7.2.x (i.e. the current master)

                How to configure the Felix Webconsole is documented here.