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    rich:jQuery datepicker is not working properly?

    chandrasekhar4u Newbie

      my code is:

      <h:inputText value="#{searchEmployee.sdate}" id="sDate"
                              requiredMessage="Select Start-Date" required="true"
                              title="Enter Star-Date"
                              <f:convertDateTime pattern="dd/MM/yyyy" />


                              <rich:jQuery selector="#sDate" name="sDate" rendered="true"

                                  timing="onload"  query="datepicker({constrainInput: false,dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy' ,

                                  minYear:'-20Y',maxDate: '+10Y +1M',appendText: '(dd/mm/yyyy)',changeMonth:true,changeYear:true})">



      at the top:


      <title>Insert title here</title>
          <a4j:loadScript src="resource:///jquery/jquery-1.4.2.min.js" />
          <a4j:loadStyle src="/jquery/jquery-ui-1.8.5.custom.css" />
          <a4j:loadScript src="resource:///jquery/jquery-ui-1.8.5.custom.min.js" />
          <script type="text/javascript">
          window.RICH_FACES_EXTENDED_SKINNING_ON = true;
          <script type="text/javascript">
          // Code that uses other library's $ can follow here.


      Date picker is not working properly,

      it's showing calender but not selecting any date and showing # at the end when we clicked on any date.

      How can i resolve this! (i am using  jboss tools in eclipse)