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    Filter not firing in RichFaces application

    John Bailo Master

      I want to create a filter so I can recognize when a session has timed out and redirect to a notfication page (rather than just taking them to a login.jsp page).


      The problem is I cannot get the doFilter method to fire.


      I am working with code from this article:


      JSF Session Expiry Timeout Solution



      My application is a RichFaces application.  I start up my page by calling "Users.jsp" which then converts into "Users.jsf" and runs a page with RichFaces components.


      The listener method does fire on the timeout event...however, SessionTimeoutFilter never executes.


      Here is how I have it configured in my web.xml








      Is this a valid way to handle timeouts?  Does RichFaces offer an alternative method?


      My goals are:


      1. If the session times out let the user know that is why they are being redirected to login.jsp
      2. Ideally, show an alert or popup when the session is about to expire.

      Can RichFaces help?   Can I run my current filter as is?