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    Problem in multilingual application...

    jsf geeks Master



         I am developing an application in multiple languages, with multiple property files.



          1) ApplicationResource_en_US.properties

          2) ApplicationResource_ar_EG.properties


         Two files for two different languages. I am working on Windows 7 (32bit) OS, and it works fine. But when I try to deploy it in other systems, like XP,Vista or Win-7, then it is not working. It is showing an error 503.


          After that, I found that, the regional and language setting is responsible for this. In my system (where the development is going on), the language is "English (United States)" and location is "United States". And in other system, the language is "English (India)" and location is "India". So, I changed that to "English (United States)" and "United States" and then restarted the glassfish server and it works fine.


          The other temporary solution I found is, I just put another property file named "ApplicationResource_en_IN.properties", and it works fine.


          But, both the way are not feasible. So, is there any permanent solution to this problem?


      Thank you,