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    How to configure mutual SSL per application deployed in JBOSS

    yasser parambath Newbie

      I have a requirement as follows:

      1) User goes to a url on https port 8443. This screen will have a login section.

      2) Clicking on a link in the login section should invoke the ssl handshake process.

      3) The popup with a list of certificates installed is shown.

      4) User chooses the certificate and ssl is estabilished for all other screens that the user will be visiting in the application.



      If I make clientAuth = "true" in the server.xml, the user is unable to reach the login page. I believe that the connector configuration is active on the port for all applications/resources deployed and exposed through 8443. I cannot exclude URIs or links to bypass the ssl handshake for one of the screens.


      Is there a way I can make the user reach the login page unsecured and then trigger mutual ssl for subsequent clicks on the same port.


      I must use only one port 8443.


      Please help. Thanks in advance.