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    HornetQ Timelines

    Grant Little Newbie

      We are currently evaluating using HornetQ for use in our trading system. We  have requirements for high availability, stability and throughput. Nothing new there then!


      Unfortunately  there are currently a number of design features/issues which prevent us  from using HornetQ to its full potential.


      In a number  of threads there has been talk of a new HA version which supposedly addresses some of these issues? Is there some documentation somewhere on what these change are and what they will mean? Also is there any indication as to when this version will be ready? Are we talking a 2.x version or a 3.x version?


      I appreciate this is an open source project and very often things happen when they are ready but if you have any rough indication then that would be great.

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          we are talking about version 2.2...  We are aiming to a CR by Dec-15th... and for a GA early next year.


          (That's where we are aiming).



          We would appreciate any evaluation during the development period... as you would likely get benefit from raising issues.

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            Grant Little Newbie

            Thanks Clebert,


            Is version 2.2 the current trunk (the version output when running the server suggests it is)? If so are all the code changes for HA already in the trunk? The reason I ask is that I have been using the trunk for my evaluation and am still seeing issues.

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              Yong Hao Gao Master

              I believe the new HA work is on another branch. It will be merged to trunk once it's done.

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                Clebert Suconic Master

                trunk is not stable any more after today....


                I just merged the new paging.. and we are starting merging the new HA... but that's still under works...


                Right now HA is in another branch and I'm working on bringing to trunk right now.. but it will take a few cycles to become stable.




                However having said that.. I will be glad to get any inputs from anyone using trunk. Any help/input is most welcomed :-)

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                  Robert Lee Newbie

                  Hi Clebert,

                  I was going to do a new build from TRUNK to see if it still produces some of the errors that we've seen on our production server, but we get errors in .hornetq-rest:

                       [java] [INFO] Compilation failure
                       [java] D:\Documents\IdeaProjects\hornetq-trunk\hornetq-rest\hornetq-rest\sr
                  c\main\java\org\hornetq\rest\queue\DestinationServiceManager.java:[6,34] cannot
                  find symbol
                       [java] symbol  : class ServerLocator
                       [java] location: package org.hornetq.api.core.client


                  and again in a number of other classes.


                  Is TRUNK still being considered unstable?


                  EDIT: I've now been able to complete a build. It seems that hornetq-rest depends on the Maven repository's version of hornetq-core, which is missing classes compared to svn TRUNK. I just replaced the jar files in the maven cache with the one built from svn, and the "build distro" completed.

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                    Clebert Suconic Master

                    There are some issues with compiling on windows.



                    Trunk now is not production ready any longer. We need to do some tests on it.