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    RichFaces 4.0.M4 Post-Mortem Meeting

    Jay Balunas Master

      Hello All,


      We are going to have our 4.0.0.M4 post-mortem meeting during next weeks team meeting,  I extended the meeting another hour, so two hours total.  We are going to discuss what worked, and what did not in the release.  Including what we can do to improve our process, and environment.


      Just to help refresh, here is the minutes from the M3 post-mortem meeting :  http://community.jboss.org/wiki/RichFacesTeamMeetingMinutes40M3Post-Mortem10-19-2010


      As always it is open to anyone, but the project team members really need to be there.  If for some reason you can not please leave your comments & answers to the questions below in this thread.  We'll go around the IRC channel and get feedback from everyone.


      Please be prepared and ready to provide 2 or 3 points to discuss for each of the questions below.  Please provide bullet points, and comments in this thread so we can get right to meat of the discussion.


      1. What worked well in the release?
      2. What did not work well, held you up, or caused blockages?
      3. What can we change, or focus on to get Milestone 5 ( our last milestone ) functionally complete and on time?


      Any other questions?  Feel free to add your own.




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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          I prefer not to split my thoughts to three general questions but just review all that we planned after M3.. Actually seems nothing more to add specific to M4 for now..



          1) Planning, how to make it easier, and more accurate

          That was done and as for me was helpful. After such meetings we was all on the same page and it became easier to track status and clarify expectations from released component.

          • Try to get planning done prior to next iteration
            • Difficult with current schedules
            • Try during QE phase


          some components just postponed from M3. So for remained new ones we created the design high level pages really quickly during post-code-freeze week.


          • Wiki, and jira need to be updated with actual functionality
            • Helps dev, qe, and docs
          • Specific feature list for each component

          That was done. issues were linked to QE tasks and func limitations mostly described at wikis. so I'm waiting for QE feedback there As for me - it became much  more convenient.


          • Markup and design bottleneck
            • How to improve workflow with designer?

          still had some problems with panelMenu as I remember... But in general most of tasks was solved in time.


          + rf-showcase - this time had enough time to add all the components to showcase as most of them were migrated to ui ealier.

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            Nick Belaevski Master
            What worked well in the release?
            1. Started working with GIT - positive impressions


            What did not work well, held you up, or caused blockages?
            1. Unstable network access to SVN repository
            2. Several CDK issues (reported to JIRA)
            3. SVN branches usage
            4. Lack of time for supplemental community activities: contributed components review, forum support


               Component requirement meetings look just good, but we had meetings without any discussion for some components - so did we need them at all?


               General concern(s) & suggestions:

            1. No visible outcome for pre-promotion code review results
            2. rf-showcase to be published on regular basis