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    JMS not bound


      Hi everyone,


      First of all, sorry for any english mistakes.


      I've used the Jboss 4.2 for my applications for a long time.


      But now, I need to upgrade to the 5.1 version.


      In the older version, when I deployed my app and the destination mapping of my queues weren't found , a new temporary queue was created and bounded for a JNDI name.


      In the 5.1 version, this not happens and I receive a "GetrafProvisaoTDMA not bound", where GetrafProvisaoTDMA is the name of my queue.


      I can't edit the destination-service.xml only for create a new destination, so I hope do this in another way.


      Is it possible to configure the JBoss to create automatic a new queue, when it's not found in destination-service.xml file? There are any other JBoss configuration or EJB annotation...


      Can someone help me??


      My MDB:


      @MessageDriven(activationConfig =


      public class InternalizaTDMA extends ControleArquivo implements MessageListener {


         (some stuffs here...)