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    JBoss 5.1.0 GA unexpected crashing

    Nick Hughes Newbie

      I know that crashing implies unexpected, but anyways.  We are running this version of JBoss on 200 different servers (windows 2008 server, 4GB mem), each configured alike and individually (none talk to another).  About 5% of these are having JBoss crash on a daily basis.  We are only running 1 application, a web app, about 70 EJBs, and use of JMS.  There are only up to 10 client request per server and most likely not concurrent, meaning the server stays idle a lot.  Ive checked the server.log and see no logging leading up to the crashes.  I only know the app has crashed because I get alerts on the service not being started.  So yes, we are running as a configured service and each server and its clients are behind a very locked down firewall (ie. no internet access).


      I know that with even all this information, no one can help me pinpoint the issue, but what can I configure to allow some more server side logging as to what is happening during the crash?  I don't really want to, but I may have to configure the windows service to start it on failure, but that is just sweeping the dirt under the rug.


      Any help would be appreciated.