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    Initializing the first tab of a tab panel

    Jeff Faath Newbie

      This seems like a simple question.


      I have a richfaces tab panel with several fixed tabs.  Clicking on each tab produces a different set of data to display.  This is easily done by assigning an action to each tab.


      The issue I'm having is initializing the first tab when the page loads for the first time.  Since the user didn't explicitly click on the tab, the action for that tab doesn't get fired and therefore the data is blank.  I'm using Seam, so I could add a page action that initializes the data for the default tab.  But then, whenever I click on another tab, the page action code is run in addition to the action code for the tab which is, of course, redundant.


      Is there a clean way to build the dynamic data for the default tab when the page loads for the first time?  FYI, I'm using the "ajax" switch type.