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    How to test the HornetQ'S performance and use which performance test tools?

    honno chen Newbie



             We plan to use the HornetQ in our projects.

             Firstly,we want to test the HornetQ‘s  performance ,and we find  a blog from the infoq size .It is

      HornetQ 2.0 faster than ActiveMQ 5.3 on Independent Benchmark but what about ActiveMQ 6?

             So, we want to know  which  performance  test  tool  should be uesed .

             If we want to test its performance ,we should use which performance test tool . Loadrunner or Jmeter?


             And  Which tools is used from the report of hornetQ's performance ,is it   the  loadrunner 、jmeter or other tools ?



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          Clebert Suconic Master

          SpecJMS from spec.org has all the tools you need. It requires a license though (err.. they don't call it license.. they call it subscription or something like that). There are rules however with SpecJMS regarding making public announcement... the benchmark must be reviewed before.


          There's also the Sonic Test Harness. It's very simple and for some reason many providers will use to make micro benchmarks and comparisons.



          However: there are many considerations you should have when doing benchmarks.... regarding sync properties of your disk.. network latency, configuration of the brokers to make proper use of the syncs...



          It's a very common FAQ (read our FAQ) on people saying: This software is faster than yours.. but they don't disclose they are not doing proper syncs...


          You must compare orange to oranges... and we always make sure about those settings before we claim any results.  SpecJMS will also make sure you follow those rules before submitting a result.