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    Initial AS7 integration

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Hi Aslak,


      [ARQ-333] Provide AS7 embedded container

      [ARQ-334] Provide AS7 remote container


      good seeing you in Antwerp.


      During the EAP6 kickoff meeting it became clear that AS7 is wanting to us Arquillian as it overall integration test strategy. EAP6 is now top priority for all teams. Because I'm reasonable familliar with both Arquillian and AS7 I thought I would give it a go ...


      To make it easier for you to consume I rolled back everything I did so far on the JMX protocoll and the OSGi containers. In a later step I restored that work without changing the ARQ API/SPI in the same commit


      bd96083 AS7: Remove OSGi related modules

      ae3418e AS7: Update to jboss-logging 3.0.0.Beta3

      a03ddfb AS7: Add minimum SPI changes required by OSGi, AS7

      1b9f024 AS7: Restore OSGi related modules

      34fadd2 AS7: Add JBossAS7 related modules


      The work is ready for you to pull from: https://github.com/jbosgi/arquillian/tree/jbas7


      At the the same time I added an Arquillian subsystem to AS7, which you need to use when you want to try the new AS7 containers. Because AS7 cannot use SNAPSHOTS, we are going to need frequent ARQ dev releases.