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    Problem with Rich:ExtendedDataTable with more than 100 rows

    Deepak SM Newbie

      Hi ,


         I am new to JSF, i am using richfaces3.3.2.CR1 (Chose this version coz i was in-need of a table which would provide both horizontal and vertical scrolling, found it in this version ), i am currently using <rich:extendedDataTable> to display the content of a table from a list, My table(list) has 25 columns and 1500 rows. When i display around 10 - 20 rows at a time along pages with rich:datascroller It works perfectly fine.

      But when i try to display around 500 rows at a time , it tends to hang and the page never comes up . I have also tried ScrollableDataTable and DataTable but i am facing the same issue in all these components , i am unable to figure out the issue . Do we have any other component in JSF which supports more number of rows along with providing vertical and horizontal scroll features ? My only requirement is to get rid of the pagination or have least number of pages . Can someone pls help ?????