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    EJB calling webservice in same JBoss instance

    Robert Goodwin Newbie

      I have a web service that an EJB that I have makes calls on when it is  started.  This EJB is installed in the same JBoss instance as the  web service.  If I start JBoss, let it come up completely, then deploy  my EJB into the same instance, all is well.  However, if I leave it  deployed and restart JBoss, when the EJB gets to the point where it  makes a call on the web service, the Application Server start-up process  hangs.  Now the WebService was deployed prior to the EJB according to  the logs.  It acts like the web server that is serving the WS calls is  not yet up either.  I can try to access the WSDL via a web browser and  that fails until the JBoss instance is fully started.  i can see if I  have my dependencies wrong and it would error out on deployment, but I  get no error, it just hangs indefinitely.  Any ideas where to go from  here.  Any more information you need?  Can a ejb call a web service in the same JBoss instance during the start method of the service while JBoss is starting?