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    Is Rich Faces so tough or not simple?

    Rocky S Master

      I found it so bad with rich faces, if something does not works for you. Then believe it won't work unless you search google. Richfaces won't give you any error or debug page why it is not working or what is the reason if it is not working. How logging would help you here, no way I don't want to see java code running behind the scenes.


      Especially these rich:componentControl and rich:modalPanel, so won't tell you what is happening behind the scenes. I remember I used to work with javascript in I.E., if something is not working you could always explore through the DOM tree structure and figure out.



      What I am going to do here with rich faces when it comes to debugging to see the call flow happening behind your browser?

      How could I figure out if something is not working, how I see what I am doing wrong?

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          For almost all cases exceptions in server log or JS errors at browser could help. Additionally you should consider to use:

          • browsers debugers
          • phasetracker
          • a4j:log
          • IDE debuger


          If you have cases where nothing works and nothing about errors appeared anywhere - please rise concrete questions and we will check why it's happens. But that could be not only RF responsibility.. Simple example - facelets just ignores wrong attributes names or some erroneous value/method bindings. So nothing thrown and we also spending time sometimes checking such small missprints. But that could not be solved at our level.