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    Brigde cannot reconnect to backup service when fail on initial connection

    wei jun zeng Newbie

      I am meeting an issue which I believe is due to the bridge dose not attempting to reconnect backup after the live has been killed at the initial connection.


      Scenario is:

      1. Start up a cluster with 3 live/backup pairs, and for the backups, they are only bridge the messages to other Nodes. In the bridge configuration, I used like: <connector-ref connector-name="bridge-connector"


      The example hornetq-configuration file the backup has been attached. 

      2. Kill the primary server of the node1

      3. At the same time, kill the primary server of the node2 which is the ‘connector’ defined in the backup’s bridge of the node1


      Result is

      The messages in the backup of the node1 have not been bridged to the’ backup connector’


      I have a look at the source code BridgeImpl.java

      In the createObjects() method ,there have not chance to set Failover On Initial Connection.

      Could someone tell me why there have not chance to set the attribute <failover-on-initial-connection> at the bridge configuration, and could we add the attribute to bridge?