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    Unable to deploy mdb-bmt example..

    Pankaj Hotwani Newbie



      I have been trying this since quite some time now. I would like my hornet queue to be bound with an MDB. But MDB is not picking up a message from queue.


      After many attempts, I thought to try the sample mdb-bmt example of hornetQ. Even in the sample app, MDB doesn't seem to pick up the message from the testQueue. I can see the message is getting sent. But I don't see any output appearing on JBoss Application Server console like the following


      message This is a text message received


      I am using the following environment:


      OS : Windows XP.

      App Server: JBoss 5.1.0 GA

      HornetQ version: 2.1.1


      I tried to perform the following steps to run the sample mdb example.


      1) Created the 'default-with-hornet' profile by running the %hornetQ%/config/jboss-as-5. This created two new profiles under my %JBOSS_HOME%/server named as 'default-with-hornetq' and 'all-with-hornetq'.


      2) copied the 'hornetq-configuration.xml' and 'hornetq-jms.xml' of the sample project to %JBOSS_HOME%/server/default-with-hornetq/deploy/hornetq.sar/


      3) ran the jboss server by running the command: run -c default-with-hornetq


      4) Ran the sample project by doing 'ant'. I see the following output while running the sample example:


           [java] Sent message: This is a text message


           [java] Sent message: This is a text message


      But as said, I cannot see any output on the JBoss console.


      I would appreciate if anyone can help me in making the sample MDB application run correctly.