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    AS7 + MC config

    Ales Justin Master

      I've hacked the basic MC config support, pretty much mocking what was done for sar support.

      Atm we're only recognizing single jboss-beans.xml and the most basic bean instantiation (class="org.acme.Bean" --> no-arg ctor).

      But the code is mostly (properly) in place, so it just needs more love:

      * move from single file to multiple files -- in the parser class

      * support more MC bean configs -- adding more logic into current "instantiator" class


      What's the process to include this?

      As it would probably be good to get this in before John flattens deployment chain?


      The code is add-on, and afaik doesn't change any existing code.



      This is the commit:

      * https://github.com/alesj/jboss-as/commit/4c9d8927d84f1b60dcc9b0b7a4ee2fd239745d0d

      And the pull request is here:

      * https://github.com/jbossas/jboss-as/pull/4