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    production and development clusters in same network with mod_advertise

    Jose Luis Rodriguez Newbie

      Hi guys,


      Here is the situation


      We have 4 JBoss nodes configured in cluster with two http servers balancing requests to that nodes with mod_cluster. mod_advertise is enabled in nodes and httpd servers, so we don't need to add proxy servers to proxylist in each node, they simply discover all nodes, and all this works great.


      Now we need to add two development nodes and its corresponding http server, the problem is we need to add this nodes and http in the same network as the production environment. When we start dev nodes we changed multicast address. With this configuration production http servers does not see dev nodes, but dev http servers see production nodes.


      I've tried using AdvertiseGroup in http to only listen multicast address where dev nodes are listening


      JBoss version is 5.1 AS


      If I was not clear in my explanation, please let me know.


      Any help would be appreciated


      Thanks in advanced