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    Problem with rich:inputNumberSpinner not setting value

    Bruce Randall Newbie

      I am having problems with the inputNumberSpinner not setting the bound value,  value="#{spinBean.fromDtl.ch1}",  when it changes or when the a4j:commandButton is fired. The component does not have the value either: getFromCh1UI().getValue().toString() = 0


      Any help with what I am doing wrong is greatly appreciated.




      <rich:inputNumberSpinner id="reqFromCh1" tabindex="11" inputSize="2"
                   inputClass="fieldInput" style="width:20px;"



          private UIInputNumberSpinner fromCh1UI;

          public UIInputNumberSpinner getFromCh1UI() {
              return fromCh1UI;

          public void setFromCh1UI(UIInputNumberSpinner fromCh1UI) {
              this.fromCh1UI = fromCh1UI;





      Side note: I have a selectOneMenu field that when changed updates the minValue, maxValue, disabled and value attributes correctly. There are actually ch1-ch5 input spinners.

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          Bruce Randall Newbie

          Upon futher investigation the culprit is the support I used to set the min/max and enable the correct number of spinners which there are 5. The value is actually set on the a4j:commandButton action so the spinner must keep track of the number using javaScript and then marshals value on the form submit to the bound value?



          <a4j:support id="fromLvlSprt" action="#{spinnerBean.updateFromSpinners}"
                   reRender="reqFromCh1, reqFromCh2, reqFromCh3, reqFromCh4, reqFromCh5"/>