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    problem in form submission after validation

    Rajendra J Newbie

      Hi Guys,


      I have a form with multiple fields, in command button for onclick event i have given one validation through java script its executing fine now the problem is after validation success its not able to sumit the form. Its unable to call Java method . Means to say form is not submitting...


      Can anybody please give me the solution..


      Here Im pasting my code:


      <a:commandButton id="SaveId"
                                  onclick="return valid(this.form);"

                                  action="#{Bean Name.SaveMethod}"


      This is my java script function:

          <script type="text/javascript">

              function valid(form)


                  var Rnub = form["Form:fieldNub"].value;

                      if (Rnub == "")

                          alert("Please Enter RoomNumber");
                          return false;


                  var Blocked= form["Form:BlkNo"].value;
                      if (Blocked == "")
                          alert("Please Enter Block");
                          return false;

                // form.submit();

               return true;




      In the above code form.submit() also I have tried and without that also


      I have tried but the form is not submitting.


      Please can any body give a solution.


      Waiting for suggessions


      Thanks in advance