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    Eclipse plugin for jbpm4 losing <field>

    LX T Newbie



      I am using:

      - Eclipse Galileo

      - jBPM 4 Graphical Editor and Tools, version 1.3.0.v200912212157-795-8s733L577575DH


      In the process.jpdl.xml I am using custom nodes with fields:


      <custom class="..."  g="..." name="...">

           <field name="abc"><string value="xyz"/></field>





      If I switch to "Diagram" and I move/add new custom nodes I lose all the <field> (s),

      <field> structure is completely removed from <custom>


      Any idea if it is a bug or I am doing anything wrong? Did you experience a similar problem?



      Thank you.



      BTW: for the visual design, would be nice to have a kind of grid when working in "Diagram" mode,

      in order to be able to better align nodes, straight lines, etc