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    Many war modules into only one web context.

    Fernando Rubbo Newbie

      Hi every one.


      We have a huge ERP system being developed for the last 5 years.


      Right now we have an hierarchical dependency between the .jar modules as it is shown in the example below:







      Whenever we need to re-install a jar module (because of a bug-fix or because of a change request) we are able to JUST replace the current jar being updated.


      However, the same is not possible to be done with the web part of the system since we have ONLY ONE war file for the entire ERP. Therefore, every time we need to deploy a minor js/jsp change we need to re-deploy the whole .war file.


      What would be great for us is if it be possible to brake down this huge war file into many wars that were binded the same web context. For example:



               MyERP.WAR                  ----> bind to /myErp web context


               Web1.war          ----> bind to /myErp web context

               Web2.war          ----> merge the /myErp web context

               Web3.war           ----> merge the /myErp web context



      Doing this we would be able to have modules like they must be  (i.e. one EJB.jar and one WEB.jar would represent a module/sub-system of our ERP). This way, we would also be able to manage and  install each module/sub-system separately. In other words, this strategy allow us to have different teams working in different modules, probably in different banches, easily and at the same time.


      Thanks in advance