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    mail inside timer in jbpm4.4

    parvathy j a Newbie


      I have a process in which i have a timer on start of a particular node and i have a mail node inside the timer..so when the timer expires i want to send a mail..the timer is being called correctly..but when the timer expires the mail is not send and the event listener is also not being called...could anyone please help me with this scenario..


      My jpdl file is


      process name="MyTaskNotification" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.4/jpdl"


        <start g="20,20,48,48">
          <transition name="to_review" to="review">


      <task name="review" assignee="#{order.owner}">
      <on event="start">
      <timer duedate="1 minutes"> 
      <mail template="myTemplate"/>
      <event-listener class="com.sis.crm.sca.launch.task.LogChecking">
      <field name="msg"><string value="inside timer of task node start event"/></field>
      <transition name="to_secondTask" to="secondTask">



      <task name="secondTask"
           <notification template="rectify-template"/>

      <transition to="wait"/>


        <state name="wait" g="255,16,88,52"/>




      Thanking you