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    Polling approach to achieve test callback functionality

    David Bosschaert Expert

      I started experimenting with a polling approach as suggested by Aslak as a possible way to get around callback issues (like the one we have in AS7: see comment 14 here). The goal is to provide resources (in my case bundles) requested by the remote test on demand. This is something we use in the OSGi example and performance tests.


      I have something that works using remote JMX in AS7. The code is on my jmxpoll branch on the jbosgi/arqullian fork here: https://github.com/jbosgi/arquillian/commit/ffd6e9b2c93561ded9ba88b5d369f6bc35eaf75a


      I've only focused on the remote AS7 case. The embedded case isn't finished yet. I thought I'd get some feedback before finishing it off completely.


      Thoughts anyone?