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    cannot stop timer

    nimo stephan Master

      I am using JBOSS 6 CR1 and have a problem with the timer:


      I invoked it once and it started every 3 seconds..so far, so good.


      But now, I have deleted this timer from my code, rebuilt and redeployed the same application.


      But the timer is still there and invokes the (old) code every 3 seconds even thought the invoked code does no more exist  !


      I also deleted the whole jboss-directory (with its data-directory) and used a new one. Deployed the app there - but the timer is still alive.


      Where is the timer stored ?


      I opended the hsql-database ...\jboss-\server\default\data\hypersonic\localDB but cannot find any timer-related fields.


      In localDB.properties, I found that:



      So is the timer stored in my ram? Is this the problem?


      Even when closing jboss, deleting it and installing a fresh one, the timer is alive.


      What is wrong?