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    Calendar throws argument type mismatch exception

    Alex Cougarman Apprentice

      Hi. I'm using the Calendar control and binding the field to a Seam class:

      <rich:calendar id="calCreationDate" value="#{asset.creationDate}"
       datePattern="yyyy-MM-dd" required="true"
       requiredMessage="Creation Date is required."/>

      The backing Seam component looks like this:

      private Date creationDate;
      public String getCreationDate(){
       return this.creationDate.toString();
      public void setCreationDate(Date creationDate){
       this.creationDate = creationDate;

      I'm able to select a date from the Calendar; when I click Submit, it blows up with the error: /metaform.xhtml @68,58 value="#{asset.creationDate}": java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument type mismatch

      What am I doing wrong? Thanks.