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    How to enforce the clients to use CDATA for specific elements

    Ramesh R Newbie

      How do I handle the special characters in web service request


      I have a web service method and here is the sample request


            <desc>this is desc of <itemid>1</itemid><itemname>ipod</itemname></desc>


      desc element type is string in my schema file.


      When I create client stub and test this, the < and > characters inside <desc> element are converted into ;lt and ;gt respectively and everything works fine.


      But when I test this same service using SoapUI, the charatcters are not being converted and I get unmarsshalling error which is fair.


      So, now how do I make sure the data inside the <desc> element is not processed ? Do I need to write a handler and acheive this in the server side?


      Is there anyway that we can say this element should be wrapped with CDATA ? I know it is not possible in the XSD schema. I'm mostly looking for a server side (web service level not at the client level) solution


      Also, I would like to remove some set of special characters from the soap request before the request is used inside the web service method..any idea?


      I would like to get your valuable suggestions on this.