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    Remote invocation of jBPM process

    Vijay Ivaturi Newbie


      I'm new to BPM world and same with jBPM. To understand the product better, recently purchased developer guide by Mauricio Satino and found it to be very good guide for a newbie like me. I have couple of questions though. It will be really helpful if experts can share their views:


      1. If the jBPM process is running on a remote machine, how do we trigger it? Are there any out-of-box features which can be used? Or do we have to create some custom solution (expose jBPM process as a webservice OR make it callable through RMI/IIOP OR send a message to JBoss ESB which inturn will invoke jBPM process using in-built API)?


      2. From what I have read so far, jBPM does not seem to be having a UI framework. If we are creating a workflow application, UI part has to be done separately with whatever MVC framework we have and the process orchestration part will be managed by jBPM. Is this correct?



      Vijay Ivaturi